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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Resources, Links, Unit Studies & More!

We have added some of our favorite links to the Homeschool Toolbar, just look for the little hearts on your toolbar. Mouse over the hearts for a drop down to fall with links for crafts, lessons, unit studies, recipes and more! Below you will find more helpful resources and links for all of your Valentines needs!

Valentine's Day
 Unit + CraftsValentine's Day Unit + Crafts
From Brandenburg Studies

Here's a Valentine's Day Unit that is simply a "breath-of-fresh-air"!
Written from a Christ-Perspective, your student will learn of the rich Christian Heritage of this day; look at the symbols of Valentine's Day; and learn of the 3 types of Love in the Bible.
Included are worksheets to go with the daily lessons; loads of card-making ideas & crafts; games; recipes; and other Valentine's Day crafts for the whole family!
Make this Valentine's Day a "Christ-Centered" day to remember!

Valentine's Day 
Unit Study
Valentine's Day Unit Study
From Homeschool Learning Network

Valentine's Day is a colorful holiday filled with traditions and little known historical facts. Join HLN as we explore the history, games and crafts and traditions of this popular winter holiday!
Lesson Plans Included:

  • Sweetie Math (Gr. 3-8)

  • Red, White and Pink (Gr. 3-8)

  • Let's Write Valentines! (Gr. K-5)

  • Valentine Geography (Gr. K-5)

  • Very Crafty Valentines (Gr. K-12)

  • Hearts (Gr. 3-8)

  • Valentine Games (Gr. K-12)

  • Symbols (Gr. 3-8)
Brought to you from the Home School Learning Network - an award-winning publisher of education content and unit studies on the web!
Each unit contains explanatory content, online resource links, book suggestions, 6-8 lesson plans and 2-10 worksheets. Days and days of learning and exploration within each unit!

Be My ValentineBe My Valentine Hands of a Child

Won’t you be my Valentine?   Early childhood level students will love this Be My ValentineProject Pack designed just for them!  This five-day lesson takes students on a journey of hearts, counting, colors, feelings, and making Valentines!  This 54-page Project Pack has 3 different activities each day for a total of five days worth of fun, hands-on learning!

More Valentine's Day Links: Crafts, Recipes, Lessons plans, Unit studies and more...

Here are some really cute ideas for Valentines to make with the children from Martha Stewart

A Valentine's 
Day Class Party
Friday, February 12th at 12 noon Central Time
Enjoy Valentine's Day stories and poems, play fun games,
 and make and share your own Valentine with the LIVE class!

A project pack will be sent out a couple of weeks before class so that you can choose your own projects to do and share with the class. We will have a lot of fun celebrating a holiday together that is all about friendship and caring for one another. The only thing you will have to do yourself is make your own cookies or treats to eat while we have our class party that day!!
We will play games and read stories together and have all kinds of Valentine's Day fun with other friends who homeschool just like you! How fun is that?!! All ages who are interested are invited to join in on the fun (even moms and dads). Join me for the fun and let's see what we can learn that day about the meaning of friendship and caring.

About the Teacher

Loretta Rhodes is a homeschool mom of 4, ranging in age from 2-16. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Athens University, Athens, AL and has been teaching for 20 years, both public and private classes. Loretta writes and/or compiles most of her own curriculum. She loves teaching. Her classes are interactive, meaning that she loves to do Q&A discussions with the students, group work, and interesting projects. "I love to have the children get involved in learning, so that learning becomes an awesome experience for them." You can contact her at or her family email,  with any questions. She would love to hear from you!
All Lessons Worth Learning classes are taught from a Christian worldview perspective.

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